Monday, August 31, 2009

Captain TiVo and the TiVo Freak

I ended up at Best Buy this weekend to inquire about HDTiVo. I was looking at it and reading through the paraphernalia, sort of boning up on what they had to say about it since I can't seem to find all the answers on

I was chatting with the guy who was very nice but not overly helpful and I explained that I've had an HD TV for a while but can't really utilize it since I can't let go of TiVo and I had hoped the wonders of TiVo were as simple at they should be with HD as with the standard version and on and on and on.

I went into this soliloquy about how it is necessary, not for the guy who watches a lot of TV but for the guy who doesn't watch a lot of TV. I discussed in detail the merits of the product if you have a toddler (which if you have a toddler, TiVo or not, you know what I mean)

He said "You must really like TiVo...." I didn't think much of his statement at the time but thanked him and went on my way still wondering if converting would be as easy as it should be.

After I got home I saw myself in the mirror and realized I was wearing my TiVo shirt. I felt like one of those Trekkies that goes to Star Terk conventions dressed as Nurse Chapel.

I was feeling saucy when I got my first TiVo and added the t-shirt to the order and wear it a lot since it fits well (and goes with anything). I was slightly embarrassed but soon felt happy that the guy would have great story to tell for years to come. "Yeah, this TiVo freak comes in one day telling me all about how great he is having a TiVo and is ready to make the jump to hyperspace with an HD model...blah, blah, blah... I bet he sleeps in that shirt."

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meat said...

Guess this will put all the rumors about you and the road warrior being dead to rest. Ptolly more so about you than him now that I think about it.