Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get up... and get your Grandma outta here.

As a climax to Kyle's birthday celebration weekend extravaganza, we went to see Ace Frehley in concert with 518 of our closest friends. Frankly, I wasn't as enthusiastic as he was at seeing the guy but my "wormhole" nature kicked in and I was taken back to to a time when Kiss ruled the Earth. I have to say that I truly enjoyed it and my only complaint was that it wasn't loud enough. And by not loud enough, I mean if I had been at home, in my easy chair, 12 miles away, I would have turned it up a bit. My teeth were seriously swapping places.

Not knowing most of his solo tunes, I still found a lot to like and of course a lot of Kiss favorites were included. His band was great ( I think Nikki Sixx was on bass) and the crowd was quite eclectic, which always makes for a good time where ever you are. I'm very glad I had the opportunity to see an iconic rock legend such as the Ace. Funny how larger than life characters so far away when you're 15 years old still make the hardest of rock 15 feet from you 25 years later.

There was a camera rule stating that you couldn't have one or at least use it if you did but I was able to sneak a few pics, namely myself during a bathroom break.

(spelling error "toliet" brought to you by the Ace man himself)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Birthday Celebration

We all celebrated Kyle's Birthday this evening. Dinner at a casual, if not swanky, Mexican restaurant with all the trimmings including a waitress wanting some of the birthday cake. Kyle seemed to enjoy his gifts. If not, he at least made us all think he did, and that's what counts.
I hope to celebrate many more celebratory celebrations with our local celebrity, Kyle. I was lucky enough to get a photo-op with my giant friend:
And Samuel, who really loves his Uncle Kyle, got a fun ride:

Happy Birthday!

A big birthday shout out today to our good buddy and pal, Kyle.
57 years ago today you came into our lives and enriched us, every one. The day we met, I could have walked off thinking, "That guy... huh. Kiss fan" But no, there's more to ol' Kyle-o than that. And there are. There are certainly a few things more. Happy Birthday, Kyle.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Update for Nana

Here's an update for Samuel's Nana celebrating some of his recent activities. First up, we have his first class picture (Sam's the one on the bottom right next to the little old man)