Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Post

I thought that since the year was over, I'd add another post. I'm trying to build my numbers. Actually, I don't really blog anymore. I'm not sure why. I guess I just ran out of things to say or the dreaded Facebook took over or I took my wife seriously about spending too much time on the computer. All are true, of course.

It's been a great year. This time last year I was unemployed and starting to get worried. Now I have a great job and don't worry about much. Except everything having to do with my son. Funny, he couldn't be a healthier, smarter, more cool guy but I still worry.

I realize that I have a finite number of times left that I can rub his head and say "Good night, buddy. I love you" before I go to bed. Not for any morbid reason but just that sooner or later that would be weird.

I worry that if he has juice instead of organic juice, he'll end up in a bell tower with a rifle. I worry about when he realizes I'm not the greatest and far from it. I worry that when he picks up on "Daddy Juice" being beer all words of wisdom from me are gone.

I guess that stuff like that are typical dad stuff. I assume my Dad did it but I never thought much about how he felt until I had a son.

Anyway, so much for that. Happy New Year. Maybe I'll try and post more in the new year. And not worry so much.


Alan said...

Funny, Ferds. They turn out to be just fine, despite our worry and misgivings. Although, the lack of sufficient organic juices did lead to me thinking about exterminating some annoying folks in traffic the other day.

Charlotte said...

You do miss the things they outgrow, but they always replace them with something equally meaningful at every age. It's quite a ride. Glad to hear you're enjoying it as it comes.

And welcome back to the blogosphere. Don't stay away so long next time.