Thursday, May 8, 2008

Update for Nana

Here's an update for Samuel's Nana celebrating some of his recent activities. First up, we have his first class picture (Sam's the one on the bottom right next to the little old man)


Charlotte said...

Ok, I have to admit, I stared at that first one for the longest time thinking "What the heck is George doing there?"

Kyle said...

That's the best George fit yet!
I thought he was there too.

Anonymous said...

That Sam I Am is one cute little man. His Grandjeanne and Mom aren't bad either. Thanks for the photos- but seeing him for real would be the limit.


Kelly said...

Sam's DEFINITELY the smartest one in daycare - you can tell. I mean, just look at him. So cute! The rest of the kids are just props for ole Sam!

George said...

I remember when that picture was taken. It was picture day AND Leap Year (Feb 29th, 2008). I was substituting for Sam's regular teacher. We were studying Educational Psychology and I noticed that instead of taking notes, Sam was doodling. He had drawn a cartoon of me and had written something about Leap Year being "the craziest day of the year." It was one of those "Worm Hole" days that his Pop is always talking about.

Alan said...

Now that is one cute kid. Mom is up there on the hot scale too.

did I write that out loud?

That guy does strike an uncanny resemblance to GN. Gives me the shivers.