Monday, February 9, 2009


Today is my birthday. I'm 41. They say life begins at 40 so I'm saying 41 is the new 40. I made a few comments last year about turning 40 in this post. The feelings are pretty much the same. Turning 41 just doesn't much matter.

I did want to say that I'm always caught by my birthday being in print or hearing someone say it. "The committee meeting on whether it's a creek or a stream will be held this Monday, February 9th at 7pm". My immediate thought is 'that's my birthday'. I guess maybe everybody feels a little strange when they see their birthday somewhere. But today is my special day. A day just for me. A day that I share with, on average, one out of every 365 people on earth.


George said...

Happy Birthday, Ferdlings! I'm posting a present for you on my blog right now.

Charlotte said...

41? Does your daddy still call you baby?

Kyle said...

February 9th is also Hershey's Chocolate Day AND National Toothache Day. I'm not sure if the two are related. You don't like Chocolate though, so I don't guess you care too much about that. It would be like sharing a birthday with National Big Scary Dog Day.
It's also National Bagel and Lox Day... So eat them bagels and lox while enjoying chocolate for your birthday and wait for the toothache I guess.
Happy date of your birth!

meat said...

i have the name of good home health company if you would like it. the can help you get a rascal, or if you are more ambulatory a walker with tennis balls on the bottom.

meat said...

happy birthday king! i forgot to say that in the mocking post.